Sustainable Fashion: Mixing Designer Finds With Ethical High-End Pieces

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There’s more than one way to wear fashion sustainably; one of which is by mixing designer finds with ethical high-end pieces. The trick is finding balance with an eye that recognizes style synergies that move your fashion message forward.

Let’s read about creating a meaningful synergy between your designer finds and the new fashion impulse toward sustainability.

More Than One Way to Bag a Label

Online shopping has changed the game for sharp-eyed fashionistas, always on the lookout for desirable labels. You’ll have no problem finding a great online clothing outlet, either! The designer finds are just a few clicks away.

Even so, tell me there’s not something incredibly thrilling about unearthing an amazing designer find at a garage sale, a rummage sale, or a thrift shop. There’s nothing quite like it! 

The labels are out there, at sample events, pop-up vintage stores, and in that dusty little secondhand shop down the street. And now that hitting the high fashion jackpot is so easy, mixing and matching your designer finds with ethical chic is a no-brainer.

Bringing Ethical Chic to the High Fashion Party

Sustainability is one of the greatest fashion trends of the moment. Look at any list of seasonal impulses for the past several years and you’ll see sustainability right at the top. Adding ethical chic to your wardrobe and wearing it with your designer pieces is a fashion imperative.

Umgee Clothing is adored by so many American women for its comfort and ease. Mixed with other styles, it’s now an identifiable American classic. It’s just one example of how fashion concepts you don’t believe you can mix and match can coexist seamlessly – Umgee can work with even the highest fashion. And sustainable fashion works with high fashion just as comfortably.

To be achieved, sustainability demands a blend of ethical behaviors like sourcing ethical materials, honoring worker and subcontractor rights, clean manufacturing practices, green shipping, and a host of other corporate policies. The whole is the sum of its parts. And all those parts affect the way people live due to their impact on the environment we live in.

When you add a high-end sustainable piece to your designer finds, you’re creating a style synergy. The same finely detailed thought and craftsmanship have gone into a high-end sustainable clothing piece as what’s expended to create the lofty Hermes handbag. Fashion is being reformed as the thoughtful production of beauty that will last the life of the wearer, produced for the love of the future.

Call It a “Collab”

Thoughtful collaborations between high-end sustainable fashion creators and well-known brands are already happening as the demands of a more sustainable industry impose themselves at the level of design.

GANNI Sport, Scholl, and many other brands are finding ways to bring sustainability into the foreground of the fashion industry, creating beautifully sustainable collaborations in recycled fabrics and new materials, and resurrecting older designs with eco-conscious style. So, when you add high-end sustainable pieces to your collection of designer finds, you’re following one of the most iconoclastic tendencies in fashion since the mini-skirt!

Easy Pieces to Get You Started

To ease yourself into adding ethical chic to your wardrobe of designer finds, think outside the box, first. Second, start small. Add a pair of vintage Gucci shades or collaborative Scholl’s classic sandals. Or get even more subtle about it and tie a scarf made from recycled fibers to your vintage Kelly bag.

Seek out natural fabrics like cotton, linen, and wool in retro vintage designer finds and knock off two fashion bullet points with one genius stroke of personal style. Or add a modern twist in a bamboo t-shirt worn under a Chanel jacket with that ancient pair of boot-cut jeans you love. Pull on thrift store-plucked cowboy boots to finish your blended style.
Choose boldness and be the first of your kind, adding sustainable pieces as you discover them, meshing their street cred with the designer finds in your closet to glorious effect.

Your Personal Style Mixed with Sustainability

When you add sustainability to your sartorial matrix, you add an eye to the future of fashion. Sustainability must be a key creative driver of the fashion sector moving forward to reduce its impact on the planet. Being part of that effort is something we can all do. 

Tying your personal style to traditional design and its evolution to sustainability creates a look that’s all yours, rooted in an ongoing trend that represents profound change. And that’s the most exciting thing that’s happened in fashion for decades!

From throwing a piece of custom embroidered clothing into the mix to blending in your Umgee favorites, everything you own can be part of the interplay of designer finds and sustainably ethical high-end fashion pieces. If it’s in your closet, it’s part of the future of fashion: green, clean, and ethical!

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